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Self Service Kiosks offer multiple services that benefit both, the airport/airline and the customers.

For Airlines -

o     50% improvement in transaction times (<two minutes, as opposed to four at the counter) Reduced IT demands for subscribing airlines with turnkey solution<B>

o     it provides a platform that will improve their customers' airport experience;

  reduces passenger handling costs

o    provides a branded check-in experience that follows the airline business process

o     allow the airlines to increase their revenue by offering Ups-Sell and Cross-Sell opportunities including Merchandising products with a little additional investment.  

For Customers -

    Over 90% improvement in passenger check-in throughput

o     reduces long wait times at airport ticket counters

o     helps improve their airport experience by reducing the time it takes for them to travel from the airport entrance to their seat on the plane.

    allows them to manage their own re-booking in case of Irregular Operations. 

For Airports -

o     50%   reduction in floor space requirements leading to increased airport capacity to accommodate passenger growth.

o     60% savings in equipment and real estate costs for participating airlines.

o     Reduces the need for multiple kiosks deployed by various airlines

o     Reduces the number of Kiosks and Ticket Counters needed thereby improving facility utilization and optimizing real estate costs

    Provide airport related information and directions to passengers