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                                                Airline Self Service Kiosk

SSU Tech has created a self-service airline check-in kiosk designed for collaborative passenger check-in across multiple airlines. The company was started by Prasad Giri who has a PhD in Computer Science and about 25 years of experience working with Airlines and Airports.  He deployed and managed over 1500 Self Service Kiosks in many airports and off airport locations world wide. SSU Tech's partner Materna has been implementing CUSS solutions since 1991 and has installed solutions for over a dozen airlines in airports globally. Together they bring a wealth of experience to the table in addition to the hardware and software.  

Recognizing the rising overhead and space constraints faced by the airlines and airports, the solution satisfies multiple system performance requirements. Its open architecture is saleable to accommodate new applications and technologies. I

t is equipped with an IATA certified CUSS (Common Use Self-Service) platform that is being used by a number of airlines all over the world. The platform enables customers to check-in at any kiosk regardless of the airline serving them, introducing convenience and consolidation.  A significant decrease in Check-in processing time and transaction costs will be achieved by each airline deploying these kiosks.  In addition, there will be savings in queuing and airport counter space requirements.

The solution has an integrated 2-D barcode scanner, passport reader, credit card reader, wide thermal printer and bag tag printer.