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SSU Tech (Self Service Universal Tech) was established in 2004 and is head quartered in Elk Grove, Illinois, U.S.A. 

The company was started by Prasad Giri who has a PhD in Computer Science and about 25 years of experience working with Airlines and Airports.  He deployed and managed hundreds of Self Service Kiosks in several airports and off airport locations world wide. SSU Tech has partnered with Materna  who has been implementing CUSS solutions since 1991 and have installed solutions for over a dozen airlines in airports globally. Together they bring a wealth of  practical experience to the table in addition to the hardware and software.

SSU Tech has offices in the United States (Elk Grove, Illinois) and India (Bangalore). Hence, it will provide local support in these two countries.

SSU Tech operates in India through SSU Tech (Pvt) Ltd. located in Bangalore, India.

This company provides a full complement of services. This includes -

o    Software Development and Support
o    Hardware Support and Maintenance
o    Kiosk Installations.
o    Management Consulting Services