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SSU Tech was started by airline professionals for airlines and airports.  W  e offer more than SSK   hardware and software.  We can increase your revenue by adding Up-sell, Cross-sell as well as offer Merchandising opportunities without adding a single seat to your aircraft capacity.    

With SSU Tech you are getting a whole lot more than a SSK vendor. You are getting -

o         a partner that understands airline business and will 'hold your hands and
             walk with you

o         a company that has implemented real SSK solutions globally and
           brings the global expertise and reaches that you need in today's airline

o          professionals with years of experience working with some of the largest
              and smallest airlines in the world
like United Airlines and Express Carriers
           in the United States as well as Lufthansa and Air Berlin in Europe.

o          We bring real airline industry expertise and consulting to the table.
           We know what works and what doesn't.  Solutions are as unique as the

                                                                                                                                        SSU Tech can also help -
o          ensures SSK deployment is a strategic orchestration of your business
              policy  globally
, wherever you are currently flying or may decide to fly

o          get the leverage you need in today's airline operating environment.

o          you be more competitive today and tomorrow with properly architected

o          deploys a ubiquitous and homogeneous platform across the Airline's system
            that provides low support and operating costs due to the common parts
            and skills.

o          with intelligently designed components like the globally functioning Passport

o          by working with specialists that understand the certification and compliance
            needs of each country for SSK hardware to  meet the country's operating
            and engineering standards such as "UL Certification"  in the USA , "TUV
            Certification" in Germany or RoHS compliance in Europe. These certifications
            are given to the individual airlines operating the SSK's.  SSU Tech can
            assist in securing the country certifications smoothly because its
            components have already been certified for other airlines.    

SSU Tech can provide you with Support and Maintenance -

o          Support is critical for the SSK's since it impacts the Airline's ability to
           check-in passengers. While providing the global reach, SSU Tech will also
           provide you  local support in India and USA from its offices in Bangalore
           and Chicago In addition SSU Tech can provide local support in Europe upon
           request by the customer.  The support will include provisioning of SSK parts
           and technical professionals.

o          Preventive and Break-down Maintenance plans are available.   Please
           contact us for more information.

o          the SSK software is monitored on a 24x7 basis from Materna's
            Operations Center in Germany. The event based monitoring system can
            detect if the SSK's are up or down, if the paper in the  printer is running
            low and if all the components like scanners are working.