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Thank you for visiting our web site.  SSU Tech (Self Service Universal Technologies) was established in 2004 to serve companies employing self service solutions such as kiosks and the world wide web.

SSU Tech brings to the table a lot of expertise and experience in the area of customer interfacing and communication systems. The company offers consulting services and products to support customers. It is a one stop shop that provides the expertise backed up with the products needed .

SSU Tech's first foray was in the Airline industry providing Passenger Check-in services. As part of this service SSU Tech provides consulting services that includes advising our clients about the business processes that will benefit them, advise them on how to gain operational efficiencies so that they reduce costs, supply custom designed Self Service Kiosks (SSK) that can be installed in airport and off-airport locations. These can be CUSS and non CUSS kiosks. We help our clients in selecting the kiosks options they need, the number of SSK's per location, their strategic placement and how to support and manage them.

We also work with our clients and help them develop applications and show them how they can MAKE MONEY using the Self Service Kiosks. These custom designed applications work in the client's environment and offer functionalities such as Up-sell and Merchandising.

SSU Tech develops and supplies its clients with world class full service Self Service Kiosks. These SSK's are robust, reliable and are designed to operate on a 24x7 basis with an uptime of over 99%. The kiosks function all over the world and are built to handle the varying environments like power (110/200V).

In brief, you should know the following about us:

o    we provide management consulting services for passenger check-in systems
o    develop and supply the Self Service Kiosks and the CUSS platform.
o    provide support and maintenance for the hardware and software we supply.

Our specialty is in the area of engineering design and software development and support for industries utilizing self service solutions like the airlines, railways, cruise lines and hotels.